Batch upscaling, skipping files

During batch upscaling say a folder of PNG images, only a few get affected, while others are skipped or actually lose in data size.
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Place folder of 32 files of average 10mb
  2. Select upscaling only, say 2x
  3. And as described, some get size multiplied, while others actually lose their size i.e. a 10mb gets reduced to say 9.1mb .
    What gives, and thank you for the help !

Topaz Photo AI [v2/Mac]

The file size is not the same as the image quality. Our JPG and PNG saving may be more efficient than the original file output.

By default, Topaz Photo AI saves JPG files at 95% quality, which is the highest quality that does not introduce artifacts. It’s the most space and quality efficient way to save JPG.

My team has done research on JPG quality to reach this conclusion. Even 95% will have significant file size reduction compared to 100%.

You can increase the quality to 100% by clicking Save > Export Settings > Format > JPEG and increasing the slider to 100.

Let me know if that helps.

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