Batch Sharpening Canon Raw Files Sharpen AI (Mac)

Why can’t I batch-sharpen Canon Raw files? The software responds with a message about an anti-virus program of which I have none installed.

Make sure you give the exact message and then the full technical environment.

Especially the version of MacOS and the hardware you are running it on.

Considering it’s never worked on any version of macOS for the last three years, I find giving out the specs of my machine irrelevant. From previous posts, it is an ongoing product issue, but thanks for replying anyway.

Ok, obviously you don’t want help so I have closed the topic.

You can try this …

As you are on a Mac I suspect it is to do with security issues introduced in Big Sur 11.
Try the following:

Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Full Disk Access

  • Add Topaz Sharpen AI to the list (Click the + navigate to the Application Folder and select the app from there.)