Batch processing

It might be a great feature to be able to process a batch of photos with the same setting. In this case all parameter would be selected and than all files in a directory would be - one after each other - be processed the same way. Output in a directoy which can be choosen from by the user. This would save a lot of time.

This option does exist.

The problem is there needs to be better compatibility with lightroom.
Right now the only approach is to export in DNG and then import into Topaz. Problem with DNG is that it doesn’t allow watermark.
Tiff 16 bit color is the next best option but topaz doesn’t consider it a raw. So you’re really stuck with using tiff for jpeg-like edits.

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I own Photo AI 2 and not sure that there are more products available. Gigapixel, DeNoise und Sharpen aren’t theses item included in my package?