Batch processing inconsistent results with exposure issue


I am trying to batch process a bunch of different car photos and have autopilot disabled for all of them,
selecting all and applying the same settings. When I hover over each photo prior to exporting I do see the settings in the file name “…-topaz-enhance-2x-exposure.jpg” however the issue I am having is that the exposure result from each image does have a variation even though they are all set to a specific value “ex: 7%”.

On this note I noticed the file name includes the scaling x2 but not the exposure value, so I am wondering if this is aleatory and further adjusted per image besides what is already set at the time of saving all images and batch processing them.

seeing the folder output I see some darker vs brighter images even though as mentioned all should use the same percentage exposure.

For additional context. I’ll mention that all of the car photos in the set do have similar (or close enough exposure values to start prior any photoai operation) so an exposure correction should be similar to all when outputted with minor differences not as I am seeing. Also that when I do the exposure correction in the program the result is correct. It is only at saving time that I am seeing this discrepancy in exposures. Once again autopilot is disabled and same settings applied to all photos.

Please let me know if you know why this is happening and how can I fix it.

Topaz Photo AI 2.3.2 on windows

Could you provide some image examples to see the changes in the images you are reporting?