Batch export for Impression V2.0.5 pretty please

I have Impression V2.0.5 and love the finished product. It would be WONDERFUL if there was some way to launch a batch mode where it exported many versions of the same image into a folder I select.

As I was warned, the product is quite slow, but I understand how complex the computation is, that the speed meets my expectations. However, the biggest problem is that I need to be in front of the computer the whole time.

It would be fantastic if I could ask it to export a finished version of each (or selectable) preset and put the results into a folder I choose. That way I could go to dinner, or go to sleep, and when I return there were be many finished options from which to choose.

The exported file names could incorporate the preset name, such as, if we start with file x.jpg, the exported files could be
x_Cezanne_I.jpg, x_Renoir_II.jpg, x_Rembrandt_Portrait_II.jpg, etc.

I would then rapidly look at the exported images quite fast, and decided which present was best for that pictures, and then hand-tweak the settings to finalize the pic.

While the computation time would be the same, my personal time commitment would be DRAMATICALLY less, saving me a lot of time.



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