Batch ETA, Batch/single file VEAI output report/executive report/statistics/metadata/log files

Hi all

When I am running a batch enhancement, I would leave my mac work for as long as it must.

It would have been nice to have ETA on the total batch processing, and/or a report at the end of a batch enhancement, like statistics, total time, sec/frame for each file of the batch, log of any unexpected interruptions, any other information that Topaz team/users consider important and could be used in an executive report or even as metadata.

The reason I am using “/” in the topic title is just for describing the request as good as possible - maybe some other users could have similar ideas to add.

Thanks team

I like the idea of a final report. For a total time left estimate though, that gets tricky. If you queue up a bunch of clips from the same source with the same model, sure. If you load it up with different sources and set them to run different models, all the estimating becomes totally inaccurate. I suppose VEAI could keep a log of how long each model takes on what resolution and length of source on your machine. After awhile it should be able to give reasonable total time estimations.

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