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Of all the Topaz AIR ‘Looks’, Neon Rise is my favourite.

Don’t forget to use the Reduce Artefacts/Soften Edges sliders.
Neon Rise has one peculiarity in that black gouges - as if a bird
of prey has ripped its talons thru your canvas - which you can
see here on the purple stripes of the brightest bag - and top

I normally complete the job by some small cloning-out.

What a superb piece of work! Be glad to see some more!

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Superb … Peter

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This may be one for the wall. Excellent work Peter.

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Great looking pop art …

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Thanks for the tip Jack. Actually I did use ‘reduce artefacts’ at probably around 60%. My experience is that if you go higher than this images tend to look mushy.
I did not use cloning though. Thanks for pointing that out. I will remember this for the next neon rise

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Realy like the way the shapes & colors play.
Where’d you find this?

Thanks Mark. This was at the Vevey food and non-food market

Man, wish I could be out shopping again…

Fingers crossed, some of our stores may re-open in a limited way this Friday.

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