Background removing tool

Hi, I would like to have the option to have an automatic background removing tool. This would similar to the one Canva and others provide.
This could massively increase the workflow for the images post-production. Everything could be done within Topaz without the need of a second step on Photoshop or similar.

Do you mean like MaskAI or something else?

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But, I don’t believe Mask AI is available for sale anymore.

I would love an automatic background removal tool. Great idea.

Agree, it’s not on the active site anymore.

This old link still lets you add it to your cart for $99, or ask a free trial.

I wonder what happens if you ask for the trial now?

I already own it, but I wouldn’t recommend it in any case as I found it of very limited utility.

I’m not sure that it is worthwhile unless you already own it. The issue we all have with discontinued software that there is no support, even if you paid for it.