B&W movies best settings

I’m recently restoring old comedy movies from early 1900s and I would love to know if there are other users that have some nice setting to employ.

if you mean B&W videos, then I process B&W

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Hi Akila, i’m testing various settings to keep the movies at their best feel, without color and with some “Grain” after process of “Enanchement”, but i’m still searching for a proper configuration that give a good result without distorting the too much. Have you some tips for very old movies?

What works for me for my B&W videos is:

  1. Deinterlace my source video(s) using Hybrid free tool (QTGMC deinterlacing filter) and export as Lossless Compression.
    If your video/source is not interlaced, you can skip this step.
    You can use MediaInfo tool to determine if your video is interlaced or progressive scan (not Interlaced)

  2. Feed the deinterlaced video(s) into TVAI and enhance using Nyx v1 (don’t use the default Nyx v2 that comes with v4.x) and another copy with Iris MQ (aka Iris v2), at the same/original resolution.
    Export using FFV1 Lossless.
    I leave the Settings on Auto. you can play around with the values in Manual mode or Relative Auto mode if you wish. but for me Auto works just fine.
    When Proteus v4 comes out/released, so also export another copy using Proteus v4.
    My Videos are very short so I don’t mind exporting it fully few time, but if your videos are longer you might want to export like a 30s Preview each instead to save time.

  3. Upscale x2 the previously enhanced videos (or previews if you elected to do previews instead) in TVAI (again), this time I use Dione TV, both my Nyx and Iris (2 videos in total, when Proteus v4 comes out then 3 videos in total).
    Export using FFV1 lossless

  4. Use the Video-Compare Tool to compare the results (Example) between the Nyx v1 → Dione TV vs. Iris MQ (v2) → Dione TV.

  5. The winner then is fed into Handbrake encoding it to x265 to reduce the file size (you can use x264 if you need legacy device compatibility) with the settings of CRF between 21-23.
    That way I get almost as lossless quality but much much smaller file size.
    You can read more about the CRF value settings that might work best for you Here.

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Amazing! I will give it a try for sure. Thanks for sharing! :pray:

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