AVISynth plugin

I wish that VEAI had an Avisynth plugin as it would simplify my workflow. Avisynth frameserves a frame (or field) to VEAI’s engine, VEAI processes it and then returns the processed frame to Avisynth. The full complement of options would be passed in the Avisynth function call for VEAI.

I can understand creating the GUI as you have done simply for the reason that an Avisynth plugin by itself would not likely generate sufficient sales, but adding the plugin would be relatively simple IMO (I’m an experienced programmer).

The plugin might even work in Windows 7 without any change as the GUI would not be used. That would speed up and simplify my workflow.

AVISynth is GPL licensed. So unfortunately due to licensing issues we cannot build one.

The reason for lack of win 7 support is not GUI, DirectX 12 is used for all GPU inferencing on windows. Win7 & most Win8/8.1 do not have DirectX 12.

Thank you for the information. I’ve only programmed on not audited in-house projects where we didn’t have to worry about licensing.

Just build VEAI own frameserver (creating a virtual uncompressed AVI file on the fly) then the end-user would be able to load the file in any avisynth script.

But couldn’t this be done with a VirtuaDub plugin ? ( LoadVirtualDubPlugin function on avisynth). There are some other paying softwares available with VirtualDub like Neat Video for example that works directly with avisyth.

a simple in/out with a de-route via VEAI could be generated with an avisynth virtual file system that catches all the output-png/TIF/JPG of VEAI and combines them into a video on the fly (a simple reload every sec should do…)…

But a real plugin would have to be able to offer something more: random access / Scrobbing through the file with all filters enabled. This would require bidirectional access to the frames - all without intermediate frames (of course possible, but more work than the method mentioned above) .

similar simple frame-piping->virtual video file could also be done via ffmpeg/virtualdub/etc…

But… I vote anyway, I´d really love it, too :slight_smile: