AVI Issue (640x480)

I tried to input an old 640x480 video, works perfectly fine in all players, no issues, but once I input into Video AI, the software swap the resolution and put 480x640, my video is not 4:3 anymore, it is something weird narrow. I tried crop, and other options, but the preview and the conversion is in this weird format.

Capture 2.PNG

Change the pixel type to square. Your video has a strange SAR.

I tried, nothing changed…

I can only suggest using a custom resolution, selecting square pixels, unlocking the aspect ratio and then forcing the correct pixel dimensions. I don’t know whether that will work correctly inside TVAI, as I don’t have any vids where the SAR is totally wrong. The DAR can be corrected in a utility like mkvtoolnix after export (the correct DAR is the reason why the original can playback correctly in most media players as they normally prioritize DAR).

I tried every single option, nothing worked, I will try your second suggestion mkvtoolnix my concern is this video is very old and avi, at least 10 years old, I don’t know if the mkvtoolnix will open avi, but I will try tomorrow, thank you!

hi I suggest you open it with the soft shutter encoder and change the resolution or ratio from there.

The original file already has the correct DAR (the SAR is wrong in the original) so I don’t think mkvtoolnix will help there. It would be the TVAI export that requires it’s DAR changed.

Edit: Or as just suggested by ssbroly, transcode the original.

The soft shutter encoder did the same as TVAI, did you guys have a soft shutter encoder recommendation?

Handbreak fixed for me :smiley: thank you all!

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