Avatars not showing up in posts?

I noticed today in several posts that members avatars are not showing up in a quoted reply?
Is this just on my Mac or are other people seeing this?


Now they are not showing up at all and are blank?

I just logged out and restarted my computer and logged back in and I’m still not seeing any avatars.

It’s not just you John. I’m seeing it too; or should I say not seeing it. I’m sure when @JoeFedric-TL gets a spare minute he’ll look into it.

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Ah, I know how to fix this. It will have to wait until the morning, though :slight_smile:


We’ve made a change on the server. Hopefully that fixed it :slight_smile:

Edit: It doesn’t look like that was a fix. There are more steps I can take to resolve this, but it will have to wait a bit. For now, I’m going to hide those avatars so they aren’t blank, it’ll just be more “plain”. When I get it fixed, I’ll unhide them.


It also looks like emojis are broken, so I’ll hide those, too. [Sad Face]