Autumn landscape collage 1 / 2

Yesterday i shot with the Panasonice FZ1000 12 to 16 photos of a same scene. For 12 photos, i shot handheld 6 photos horizontally and another row of 6 photos horizontally but at a lower degre orientaltion.
With the Microsoft ICE free software, i stitched the 12 or 16 photos and i am working with different functions.
The result is a big photo that i post process in Photomatix Pro 6 as a LDR picture. The last touchs were in Topaz Studio: Principaly Basic Adjustments.
Hope you will like my work. I have 4 other photos that i made in the same way and i will post later.
Any comments or positives suggestions are welcome ! Pierre.


Great depth of field and detail. Nice work.

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Here 3 screenshots from the HOW TO i made this workflow. This is just a simple explanation. The free Microsoft software is relatively easy to work with. Hope I help !


This really came out nicely. I don’t see a hint of the stitching Thanks for the tip.

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Beautiful rugged country.

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Nice work and you are right about MS Ice, great product from their labs but …

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But… yes i know !

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Another fabulous panorama!

Thank you all for your visits, comments, suggestions… Pierre…