"Autumn Gold Painterly"

(Jack) #1

“Autumn Gold Painterly” (3 bracketed shots were merged, cropped and tone mapped in Aurora HDR. Next, major editing was done to the resulting file in Topaz Studio. A radial filter was applied in ACR for the vignette. Then it was taken back into Studio where a BuzSim preset was used to create a painterly look. The final touch was applying a Jason Odell Abstract Painting texture in Soft Light BM.) (PS - since it was cropped and I plan to print it, I will run it through A.I. Gigapixel.)

(Michigander) #2

That is a beautiful image. Great highlights. Treatment spot on.

(Mond) #3

Stunning. You have defined the season,

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(Kenneth Kovach) #4

Very nice capture, I really like the lighting

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