Autopilot of Photo AI v1.28 worse than before (and a lot worse than DeNoise 3.7.2)

Perhaps I am not the average user, but I shoot metal concerts and the light-guys think that light is optional, so I have to push the ISO as far as 25.600 and sometimes even up to 51.200.
The grain is terrible, but thanks to DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI I get pretty decent pictures.
I bought Photo AI for it all in one approach and been happy until a few weeks ago (v1.25?).

I noticed that some area’s in the picture got even more visible grain than in the original. I dismissed it as probably something I did wrong, but today I saw it again and did a little test.

On the left is Photo AI v1.28 and on the right is Denoise AI v3.7.2

I understand the 2 programs are not the same, but this kind of difference I’ve never seen before. Both are in autopilot and when I change the “Remove noise” setting in Photo AI to “strong”, I get about the same result.
In DeNoise AI the only setting I can choose to get the same (bad) result is “Low Light”.

The problem seems to be in the assesment of the picture; Photo AI thinks the grain is “Normal” and Denoise AI thinks the noise is severe.

I would like to have Photo AI assess the image in the same way als Denoise AI and Sharpen AI does; it saves me loads of time.

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For reasons TBD (AI model selection?), it has been challenging for the devs to maintain consistency…even across DeNoise versions themselves, not to mention Photo-AI versus the sub-apps that it integrates. This remains a mystery.


Please send the original image so I can reproduce this.

I can make a task for my team to improve the autopilot for these situations where noise is detected incorrectly.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

I’ll find the image for you and send it to you. It can take a few days, but I am surely going to submit it.

I received the file and ran some tests. However, I noticed that the file you sent is note the same one you were originally processing.

For the file you sent, I got a decent result in v1.2.10 as Autopilot selected the Remove Noise Strong model for the image.

The difference in the result can be fixed when we update Autopilot. If you could send me the original file I can share that with my team so we can handle that situation better.
Dropbox File Request

You are right. The first posted file was somewhere down the workflow i notice. I tried to recreate it, but I could not get it to be the same, so I gathered some other pics from that same evening and tested a few on how they perform in the recently updated Photo AI.

These files are uploaded to the dropbox folder at your request. I’ve added the before/after compare screenshots where I have indicated the problem areas.
I know there are a few who’s problems that are not a big of an issue, but as long as we are at it… :wink:

You are right that the “strong” setting works better, but the fun part of the auto-setting is, that it is fire-and-forget. Not all images need “strong” and there is no possibility to save presets (at least not for this item) at the moment. (presets would be awesome too btw)

I hope this helps!

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