Autopilot not very accurate

The autopilot feature is not even close to being accurate in its suggestions. Right now I am working on a photo of a Fox shot in CRAW (Canon R%) . It was shot at 5000 ISO and has visible noise. It could use some sharpening but not much. Autopilot suggests no noise reduction and Strong sharpening at a 40 level. With this suggest the photo looks terrible. Too much noise and way over sharpened. DeNoise does a much better job. It seems the last few updates have made AI worse. Noticed more artifacts when sharpening and the autopilot suggestions crazy. For photos that don’t need much tweeking DeNoise is much better and faster.

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Hi @lee.schumacher, would you be able to share your original image here so we can test it on our systems?

3P8A1201.CR3 (34.9 MB)
Hope this works. Original CR3 file. Processed as a TIFF.

Just ran a similiar photo (same fox ISO 5000 Canon R5 500 F4 with 1.4x) through the current AI and again it didn’t suggest any noise reduction and too much sharpening. When I forced the noise reduction it showed moderate noise and suggestion 51 as the strength which was too strong.

I ran your image through TPAI standalone and autopilot suggested strong noise reduction and no sharpening!
Mac Mini M1 16GB Ventura 13.5

That’s interesting. Any thoughts about this? Why the difference?

Different OS?
I agree that DNAI is usually better and, for many if not all my images, the NoNoise function within my editor of choice, On1 Photo Raw, does a decent job.
I mostly use Topaz products these days to correct images that are out of focus or have motion blur. In those instances, I still prefer SAI over PAI.
The Topaz devs have been spending all their energy in getting out these TPAI betas that are not betas, to come up with a product that mostly isn’t as good as the three that they no longer consider worth supporting.

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Using windows and lightroom. Haven’t tried ON1 but it looks like it did a good job on the photo. Most of the time the results of the stand alone products produce better results but keep hoping the AI catches up. But for now, at least for me the autopilot suggestions are mostly useless. The sharpening feature produces too many artifacts and really struggles with animal fur and feathers.

From what I have read, the new AI denoising feature in Lightroom is pretty good.

It is but way to slow on my computer. DeNoise runs much faster. So I will need to wait for my next computer upgrade to take full advantage of it.

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