Autopilot not detecting faces

Photo AI 3.0.4 on Windows 11 24H2

A image in Photoshop v 25.9.1 when I select Filter->Topaz Labs->Photo
Photo AI loads and autopilot runs - Analyzing image - tick
Detecting subject - tick
Detecting faces - 0 :hot_face: even though there is a clear and obvious face in the image
Dectecting noise and blur levels - tick
Calculating auto-suggested values - tick

Photo AI then applies the SHARPEN enhancment ONLY
If I then manually add an enhancement and select Face Recovery, it confirms no faces selected.
If I then select All faces from the dialogue box it detects the face

Is this a bug? How can I get it to automatically detect the face and apply the face recovery like it used to ?

Is this happening on one particular image or all images that you are working with while using Topaz Photo AI?

If you can please take a screen recording of this behavior so I can see exactly what is happening.

Loom is a great free application for this: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording

Sorted Face detection was switched off in preferences - how it got switched off is a mistery