Autopilot does not always apply upscaling settings [Fixed in 1.2.7]

TPAI does not always apply upscaling settings when autopilot is set to upscale to a fixed output height. (This occurs when the other settings are portrait for subject, sharpen medium and high for blurred images, and no face detection.)

After dropping a folder of images onto TPAI, each shorter than the auto-upscaling height setting, and pressing “Save”, autopilot does not upscale all images to the desired height. Note there are no tiny images, and that most don’t need more than 1.5 or 2.0x upscaling, and many only need 1.1x.

If I click on each image’s thumbnail in the carousel first, sometimes the upscaling icon is shown over the thumbnail, other times not. When the icon is missing, the upscaling control shows the toggle is off too, yet the output height and upscaling factor settings near the bottom have the right values even though they’re not applied to upscale the image when it is processed.

If I manually toggle upscaling on in this case, the green dot on the thumbnail disappears. Note alsow that the green dot it is present when autopilot has turned on upscaling it’s own.

Sometimes, after clicking on another thumbnail and then back to the previous, it will show upscaling toggled on and the upscaling icon shows on the thumbnail, even though I have not changed the controls or interacted with the image.

Prior to I believe version 1.1.8 (??), the autopilot output height was always respected and output images always had the desired height if the input was shorter. This led me to believe that the setting meant that the output would be set to the configured height. Now, it appears that maybe autopilot determines that if upscaling won’t improve the image quality, then it won’t upscale. If this was a design change, I would request that the previous behavior be restored, that is, always apply the Auto-Upscaling autopilot settings. If this is a bug, please fix it so my workflow doesn’t require clicking on every thumbnail and manually turning on upscaling when autopilot doesn’t.

Topaz Photo AI v1.2.4 on Windows
2023-03-03-17-03-59.tzlog (8.7 KB)
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Thanks for the report. We’ve reproduced this and will look into it.

The Topaz Photo AI update (v1.2.7) coming tomorrow afternoon US time includes autopilot improvements which should fix this.

Please try it and let us know if the upscaling with set output height is not working as expected.

I have a very similar issue and hope tomorrow’s update will fix it.

Just in case it doesn’t here’s my issue :slight_smile:

I have a bunch of square images of various dimensions but all under 512.
I want to use autopilot that I set to 512 width (could be height, in my case it’s all square picture so doesn’t matter).
It does the first image exactly as promised, but when I go and save all 100+ image, you can see it says → 512x512 next to each picture, but then in the destination folder, they have the other enhancements (face, blur, noise etc…) but are still the original size.

Also 512x512 sometimes becomes 511x511 for some reason, I would like your application to be exact on this if possible. It’s not an issue if it stays square but if these approximations somehow becaome 511x512 it’s gonna be an issue in my workflow.


Hey again, just wanted to check in – has version 1.2.7 fixed this for you or is there anything from your comment above that remains?

@preston.werner @Lingyu

It appears to be fixed but I would like to throw more images at.

And I would like to comment that I’ve been struggling with another software vendor – roonlabs – for years getting attention to bug fixes and your response has been extraordinary on it’s own and a welcome contrast! Thanks to all involved.

- Eric

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Glad to hear that it’s looking to be fixed! Please report back if you do find it coming up again as you continue to test, we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible :smiley:

This has been fixed in all cases I’ve tried. Thank you all at topazlabs.