Automatically close processing panel after processing ~ AI APPS

Not really a feature request, more of a removal request. I find the processing panel rather kitsch and, quite frankly, annoying. Why was this unnecessary “feature” added to the latest releases (included in e.g., Sharpen v 2.2.4, Gigapixel v 5.4.4 - and probably others)?

So, when processing images individually - which is necessary to do when using masks - this introduces yet another step into the workflow. The panel must be closed by the user by clicking on the “Close panel” button at bottom right (changes from the “Cancel processing” button) after processing is complete. This has to be done EVERY TIME before details for the next image can be seen and adjusted, saved, etc. Why not just automatically close this panel? Make our lives easier, please!

Please also remove the unnecessary pseudo-status-update garbage like “Rearranging neural nodes”, “Verifying neural shift invariance”, “Firing AI neural synapses”, “Invoking convolutional cortex”. Is this some in-house joke being played on us, the users? Why is it there?

I generally like the results of the Topaz suite, but the interface is going in the wrong direction.

In support of that, one would think that before some UI change such as this is deployed that it would be put to a vote among the beta-testers to gauge its acceptance & desirability.

I agree that this info is superfluous for the end-user and should only be included in debug mode, if at all.