Automatic horizon leveler

I would like a feature that automatically levels the horizon to straighten pictures out. GoPros and 360 cams can do this and it would be nice to add this feature here. Also in the cropping options it would be good to add a way to manually rotate and adjust the photos to be level.

Thanks for this suggestion. The reason why we haven’t built this thus far is because most other image editing apps have this functionality and a good portion of our users use Photo AI as a plugin to those host editors. I can see how this would be a useful built-in feature though.

Thanks Tim. I’m newer to buying software for photography. I bought this program because I was less than a new lens and could improve existing photos. I’d prefer a standalone package that doesn’t require me to buy into other platforms. That said I know most people, it seems, already have other softwares before purchasing this one.

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Thanks for sharing. With that said, we can definitely look into a straightening feature.

I would like this too. I do not use photoshop or the like and do nor really want to either. Could this be part of the Crop as it is in Topaz Gigapixel.

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