Automatic AI suggestion or picking

With TVAI you need to pick which AI models you want to use. And there are a few options to pick from.

Frame Interpolation: Apollo, Apollo Fast, Chronos, Chronos Fast
Upscaling: Artemis Low Quality, Artemis Medium Quality, Artemis High Quality, Iris, Proteus, Gaia, Theia, Dione
Plus a few other variations you can choose from.

And as a new user it can be overwhelming figuring out which model you should use (especially with the sub-par comparison between different models currently in TVAI). So it would be nice if TVAI had a full auto or even a partial auto mode for picking the AI model.

This would be useful for batch processing where you didn’t care about getting the best quality possible or for new users unsure what to do with TVAI.

Here are some examples of how I would expect this feature to work:

Full Auto Mode:
You select your desired settings (upscale and/or fps increase), then press process. TVAI automatically detects scene cuts, then looks at each scene and automatically picks which model it believes will work best for each scene.

Partial Auto Mode:
You set your desired settings (upscale and/or fps increase), then when you get to the model select part of the UI there’s a “Automatically Pick Model” button similar to how Proteus has a “Estimate” button. You press the button and TVAI analysis a portion of the video (E.G. 10 seconds) and automatically picks an AI model explaining why it picked that model. E.G. “Picked Iris because video contains many compression artifacts and human faces, both things Iris is good at handling”

Very Limited “Auto” Mode:
TVAI should give users a warning if they try to use a model on a clip that the model is less than ideal for. I would expect this to be a small piece of yellow text underneath the model selection box that appears when you select a “less than ideal” model. And while you’re in the model selection box, there should be a yellow ! beside all the models that are less than ideal for the content.

Note: I expect the warning message to look similar to the encoder warning messages when you use an unsupported encoding option.
Screenshot 2023-07-02 212414

For example, if a user opens a progressive video in TVAI and selects a model designed for interlaced video, give a small warning message: “It appears your video is not interlaced, but you are trying to use a model for interlaced content. You may experience sub-par quality”

Or for example Apollo. Apollo works best when you are generating a integer number of frames. And it works best if you keep the generated frames below 8 (or 7?). So if a user selects to convert from 24fps to 60fps, give a warning about how the frame pacing may be slightly wrong. “Apollo is designed for integer numbers of frame generations. The chosen settings does not meet this requirement and thus your output may have uneven frame pacing.”

Auto shutdown after task .

Video AI is a great App and I would really like this option to be added, in fact I can’t believe it’s not there already. It should be designed so that the option can also be selected and deselected when Exports are already running, not just before you start.