Auto with Sharpen and DeNoise

With both DeNoise and Sharpen, when I have Auto selected and then hit apply or Save image on completion, is the Denoise AI, Clear or Lowlight selected based on the best guess of the AI?

I believe, because it uses a AI engine, that it is based on what it has learned.

It is relatively easy to show that the choice of AI model in Denoise AI is manual. The auto setting only applies to the sliders for remove Noise and Enhance Sharpness.

Take a high image with severe ISO noise and open the image in Denoise AI. Manually set the AI model to Standard, and then if not already, set the auto switch to Auto. The preview may show a reduction in noise, but if the noise in the first place was severe enough there may be some left.
Export the image.

Now change the AI model to Severe Noise and again set to auto, then export the image.
When you look at the two images, The file name will indicate that the process mode was as manually set (Norma) and for the second image Severe noise.

You will find that Denoise AI opens with the AI model set to what ever mode was last used. .AI doesn’t determine the model, the auto uses the settings AI determines as a suitable starting point for the chosen model

My apologies that should have “for the chosen model” at the end.

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