Auto update check

For the love of Pete, please make auto-update (check) a Preference option! It’s not hard!

I don’t always want to sit around (or make a brew of tea or coffee) whilst my PC does its best to waste my time. I might want to Post-process an image, get on with a more important task ----- and let the PC update whilst I do something else. I spend too much time sitting with other updates whirring away ---- whilst I am ineffective. I’m in charge; not the PC; not MS; not Topaz; let me choose.


This request is a common Prefs option in other apps, eg:

Q: Check for updates (and hence prompt for them) automatically: [Y/N] (ie user chooses)

If you want these checks, you set to [Y]. In fact, if the default is [Y] you personally would incur no change from the current behavior! (see how that works?)

On the other hand:

I, personally, do not want to update to a X.0.0 version until some of the major bugs are worked out, particularly with the installer. Specifically, if the previous (old) version must be un-installed first. Example: Denoise AI v2.0. Yet, I have to answer [N] to this auto-check prompt every time I start the application. See the issue?

This request is not rocket science…it’s basic UI programming. Ironically, this also is the point that you are making…you let the user decide their preferred behavior. Having to attend to this prompt every single time the app is started is annoying. I would prefer to have the option to check manually, which is how some of the legacy plugins actually worked. Or if you want to check automatically, you would still have that option. Again, user choice aka you are in charge as you wish.

I hope this clarifies your misunderstanding of this request?

Example: (the check interval option can be [Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never].