Auto Save

I attempted to search for a related inquiry but couldn’t locate any previous articles on the topic.

I’m curious to know if TOPAZ VIDEO has default settings or options that enable file saving in the event of a power loss or system shutdown. Consider a scenario where you’re up scaling a video, and at 99%, your system unexpectedly shuts down. It would be beneficial to have a feature that allows TVAI to resume from where it left off, preventing the need to start the process anew.

I don’t know if you were using Windows or not. The encoding done so far is saved in the file system in the folder:

Here is what you can do:

  1. Find the fragment that has already been encoded. In windows a helpful tool for this is called SwiftSearch. It will search all of the drives on your computer in less than one second. Give it a piece of the file name you were encoding. So if you were trying to encode a file called supercalifragilistic_iris2.mp4 give it supercalifragilistic.

  2. if you find the file, repair it. I use:
    ffmpeg.exe -i FILENAME.mp4 -c copy FILENAME-fixed2.mp4

  3. Now you have a good fragment. Resume encoding where the fragment left off.

  4. Join the fragment with the last part of the encode using a tool such as MP4Joiner, which is lossless. Now you have the completed file and maybe saved several hours of reencoding the whole thing.


GREAT tips! Appreciate the help. I was able to find the TEMP file and recover it. Obviously the file is corrupted (cant be played) so i was trying to follow step #2, but need a bit more detail on that steps.

Do I need to download some file repair tool?

Step 2 is easy. The following into Notepad and save it as a .bat file in the same folder that your video is in.

ffmpeg.exe -i FILENAME.mp4 -c copy FILENAME-fixed2.mp4

Obviously, replace file name with whatever your real file name is .

Get a copy of ffmpeg.exe and put it in the folder as well.

Now, all you have to do is double click on the bat file. It will fix errors and give you an output called filename-fixed2.mp4. That’s the one you want to use as your first fragment when you join with the second encode which hopefully finishes.

Plan the start point for the second encode with a little overlap with the first . You can use the second tool that MP4 tools offers which is a splitter to cut away the unneeded part from either the first or the second file. Then they can be joined seamlessly.

This worked GREAT. Thank you so much for this tip! NOW IF only TVAI could incorporate a Resume or Auto save feature that will allow user to continue from wherever there was a program interruption or shutdown.