Auto-processing multiple input files?

Suspect I’m blind or missing something obvious, so I humbly ask: In 4.0.2 is there a way to automatically processing multiple input files in sequence - obviously with the same settings such as preset and encoder?

Right now when I select a season of TV programs to upscale it processes the first one, then waits for me to select the next and click export. Process would go a lot faster if it would just process each input in sequence. It allowed me to select multiple input files so I hope this is just me being blind/stupid.

Thanks in advance

ps. Under Exports, I do have “All Inputs” selected. Or at least it feels like it selected since its highlighted and “selected” is greyed out.

pps. I googled Topaz Batch Processing and got a great hit, but it appears to be dated? It refers to green dots on a horizontal input panel where 4.0.2 has a vertical input panel without dots, and talks about Autopilot that I can not find in any menus. Again, probably user error, so please be kind.

Found it! Apparently had to clink one of the inputs and do a “select all”. Once done, the export button was updated to match the input count.

Hopefully this post will help some other newbie in the future.

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