Auto eye detect

Auto subject detect is good, but what I would love to see is auto-eye detect and denoise before other area is deNoised. if not done that way the eyes look bit artificial to me.

Can you upload some examples? Also, are you using the Recover Faces filter by any chance?

In Lightroom I do manual brush masking to denoise and then I launch Topaz within Lightroom to DeNoise / Sharpen or Photo AI. For the photographers eyes are the most central. Doing Denoise or sharpen straight without myself manually masking and doing lightroom denoise makes the eyes look unnatural

Is Remove Noise removing fine detail in the eye that you’d like to keep or Sharpen making it look “plastic”? When you mask, are you selectively not masking the eyes so that the filters aren’t applied there?

If one does not remove noise on the eyes using Lightroom and run Topaz DeNoise there is unnatural look of over denoise the eye has un-natural steaks and dark spots