Audio Sync / Frame Rate drop Bug - Proteus v3

After upsampling a 1:43:03 length 1080p film to 4K, I tried to re-add the sound using FFMPEG. Unfortunately, the sound lined up for the first part of the film but by the end was off by about 1/2 second. I used the version of Proteus v3 VEAI v2.6.0

Apparently, the frame rate was changed from 23.976 to 23.980. I can fix this in virtualdub2 easily and get the sound working, but was wondering if (a) this is an easily fixable bug (b) if anyone else has any insight on this?

youre not on the latest version
i had sound issues too
until i tried 2.6.1

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Okay, so the frame rate is fixed in the latest version? Then I will update. Thanks!