Audio out of sync

I have HDV 1440:1080 29.970 FPS interlaced media. I ran it through Topaz AI, setting output as 1920:1080 23.976 FPS. As interlaced footage the mode selected was Dionne.

The audio in the resulting footage is out of sync and the media appears as a smaller 16:9 box within Resolve’s 16:9 frames. I have to enlage it and lose resolution to properly fill the frame.

Can someone explain why all this is happening and what I do to create a fully-sized de-interlaced 1920:1080 end result with properly synced audio?



What is the resolution of the project in Resolve? When you exported in Topaz Video AI did you use the letter/pillar box option?

As for the audio, please try changing your audio selection to transcode, copy or auto to see if that helps. If that does not correct the audio issue, you would need to remove the audio and then remux the original track.

Thanks very much for the reply.

The Resolve project is set at UHD resolution to match the other footage, though I will be exporting the project initially in HD. When importing the HVD 1440 60i media file into Topaz I have been doing that outside of the Resolve project.

In the Topaz settings I have left the default setting of “Letterbox/Pillarbox”. That is, I have not chosen the other setting available which is “Crop to Fill”.

I have always left the audio at the default setting of “auto”. The deinterlacing and upscaling process takes about 10-12 hours so of either transcode or copy which would you suggest I try first?



Hi John,

I believe that the black area you are seeing in Resolve is due to the letter/pillar boxing option. You would want to use crop to fill or you can use a custom resolution to maintain the AR of the input file.

Can you export a short file section using transcode to see if the issue exists? If it does, switch to copy, and if that does not work you will also want to double-check the media player you are using. Occasionally, I see synching issues that are due to the player that is being used.

Finally, if that does not work, please let me know and I can take a look at the file and see what is causing this to occur.