Audio is not slowed down in Slow Motion videos

Audio is not slowed down in Slow Motion videos.
I’m using 4x Apollo slow motion but audio is produced 1x. Naturally the video is extended 4 times, after 1x audio (at normal speed) ends the silence comes. (19.3 MB)
cpu: AMD 3700x
gpu: RTX 3070
ram: 32 gb
windows 11
mainboard: asus tuf gaming x570 plus

When you just slow down the audio it will also sound deeper.

doesn´t have to be like that… pitch/stretch functions in audio editing software can be quite complex. and frankly, it´s where they belong.

Ofcourse It is possible to fix it ussing another software. But this is a bug in Topaz Video AI and It leaves us no choice but to use another software. And It is a scond work process.

certainly not a “bug”.
TVAI offers basic audio copying/exporting, because after all, it´s a specialised piece of software to improve video footage. audio editing/restauration is a whole disciplin of its own…

i remember when adobe audition was still “cool edit pro” by syntrillium software. took over a decade to get this “simple” function to get on the technical level where it is now…

i don´t see how it makes sense to put resources into developing rudimentary peripheral utilities, which would only be used by folks who do not strive for the best possible output anyway. isn´t that the exact kind of “feature creep” that makes developers lose their focus?

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