Audio, frames, colors and white balance processing

Hello Topaz Labs Team.
I really like recovering old videos of poor quality and I always use Topaz Video AI for this task, but I use two other tools, Audacity to remove background noise from the audio and normalize or audio with very low volume and I also use Flowframes with RIFE to convert 60fps frame rate as it is faster than trying to increase the frame rate in Video AI. So my request is… Could you implement in Video AI an option to treat audio with an artificial intelligence to remove audio noise, hiss, hum, bang, crackle… and implement RIFE to increase the frame rate of the videos? ah… is there any way to treat color correction and white balance with artificial intelligence? thank you so much for all your help your work is amazing.

From my tests, Apollo and Chronos Slomo produce less artifacts and better results than RIFE. Sure they take longer, but that’s the price you pay for quality. Maybe they’ll make an Audio Enhance AI someday, but I think it would be it’s own product. If they did, at a minimum, it would need to output to AC3. DTS would be better. I’m sure either of those alone would make it a very expensive product.

Color correction and white balance. I can see that being something they can do or add.

I don’t vote for the first two, but I might vote for the last one.


No kidding. :slight_smile: I know, for instance, Creative offers audio cards that aren’t even DTS certified, precisely because of cost.

I am not against an Audio Enhance AI per se, as long as they’re not trying to integrate it into TVAI. The latter should just concentrate on video – and, as we both know, there’s still ample room for improvement there.