Audio Dropouts when scaling from H264 to ProRes HQ

I have a bunch of H264 iPhone movies shot at 1280X720 portrait mode, so I’ve upscaled and cropped them to ProRes 422 1920 X 1080 to accommodate the shots in landscape mode.

Cropped has worked fine. However, several clips show terrible corruption in the picture, and attendant audio dropout. Sometimes it seems to recover, often repeats each time I try to play it.

I would think the audio would be smoothly transcoded to PCM, not “MPEG AAC”-- PCM is a reliable I-frame audio codec. Like to see that choice made available-- and maybe it is, I see choices for Auto and Transcode Audio settings, I haven’t tried them yet, so I don’t know what flavors are available.

But since upscaling, which also involves stabilizing and image enhancement, takes an average of an hour for a five minute interview, (in 3 passes, not 2-- you have a first analysis pass which while shorter, is still a pass) - I hate going back just for audio which I should think would be taken care of as part of the upscale.

Some very nice results when everything works. Congrats! I remember the early days of Video Enhance, when it was just an ugly collection of mysterious apps- and even some of those worked miracles on VHS footage!

I care. You have a fan here.

Best as always,