Audio does not play after upgrading to 5.0.4

After Upgrading to 5.0.4 when import an MP4 file (that has audio) there’s no audio when playing back in Topaz Video AI console. Information on the MP4 file:
Codecs: MPEG-4 AAC, H.264
Audio channels: Stereo

Steps to reproduce issue:

Upgrade to Topaz Video AI ver 5.0.4
Launch Topaz Video AI
Import an MP4 file that contains audio and video
Click Play
Playhead increments from left to right normally BUT there’s NO AUDIO.

Open the same MP4 in ANY other software, there is audio

Topaz Photo AI [v5.0.4] on macOS Sonoma 14.5 (23F79) running on MacBook Pro 16-inch, 2023 (12 x M2 Max Cores (12 (8 performance and 4 efficiency), 96 GB LPDDR5, 8 TB NVM/e SSD

TVAI has NEVER played audio.

Video AI does not support audio playback inside of it when previewing a file. There will be audio attached to the video export file if you have the copy or convert mode selected in the Preview and Export Settings panel.