At the carrot market in Aarau/Switzerland

Yes, there is a carrot market in Aarau and there is also an onion market in Bern/Switzerland. Here are some carrotic impressions…all moved through Capture One and then treated with various Topaz Studio presets, adjustments etc.


Some good eating! Cooked carrots is one of my favorite veggies. Great work on these - first my favorite.

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Looks like rabbit heaven …nice work.

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Nice images Peter. They’re rooted in the traditions of Aarau. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never eaten yellow or purple carrots. How does the taste compare?

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Besides the ‘normal’ orange ones there are yellow, red and purple carrots. The yellow ones taste very similar to the normal carrots. The red and purple ones have a nutty taste and are not as sweet as the other ones. At least this is what my sense of taste tells me. Ilike all of them and they make nice colors in a salad or cooked as veggies.