Hi All,

I have been playing with Astrophotography of late. I have a good mount but still only using my DSLR and various lenses.

While I LOVE Topaz in so many ways, I feel that in this space, the AI tends to create things that are not in the data when it comes to Deep Sky Objects like nebula.

Is there any plans to make de-noise solution specifically for this space?

Either way, it wont prevent me from using Topaz for all the other shooting I do because of the stunning job it does. I have even been picking out old images and re-shopping them just so I can give them the Topaz treatment.

For enhancing size try hifi only without all the options, if you have noisy though you are SOL because the algo considers dot detail to be noise, even though they are stars. They really really need to train the other algorithm on natural patterns, as it easily wipes things out or hallucinates.

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I am not much of an Astro guy but I did take some photos of a lunar eclipse a few months ago and found interesting differences in results based on the cameras. I think my Panasonic G7 seemed to produce better results than my Nikon Z6II that was for stars at least. For the moon, both were not great with lots of made-up craters etc. The moon I would have thought should be something extremely easy to even just fake like Samsung does with their mobile photos do as there is only 1 moon that you need to train on.

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I agree. Actually the newer models in Topaz Photo AI are actually WORSE for astrophotography.

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Photo AI isn’t necessarily trained for astrophotography but it looks like this is becoming an increasingly popular use case for the app so we’re definitely going to be adjusting our models accordingly.

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Hey Tim, that’s awesome news.

The best part is that when you do your modelling, you can compare raw data with images taken from images taken with incredibly powerful telescopes to ensure the model works properly.

I would be happy to help if possible and even share some of my data.

Astrophotography seems to be a blossoming field photography, especially at the pro/am line.

I speak, critique and judge at photography groups and I have seen many amateurs who are not geeks enjoying this field.

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A gentle push to see if there are any updates on plans to improve Photo AI for astrophotography. I have both the ‘old’ DeNoise AI (V3.7.2) and the newer Photo AI (1.3.12) for macOS.

I get better results when using DeNoise AI compared to Photo AI: much ‘cleaner’ and less artifacts. Can this model not be ported to Photo AI?
So, I am prompted for upgrading to Photo AI V2.4.0. (something I would only consider if it meant improvements for astrophotography as it comes at a cost). :slight_smile: