Astronomical SER files are giving error 29 in 314 version (not in 264)

The SER files (Solar videos) are loaded Ok and appear correctly on screen but when trying to process there is this error:

Last FFmpeg messages:

SubmitInput() failed with error 29

Error submitting video frame to the encoder

There is no problem in version 264 !

@david.weiller do you have a short sample clip you could post? I’d love to take a look at the error on my own system. :+1:


@david.weiller Interestingly enough I found a couple sample .ser files to download (at the bottom of this page SER Player - PIPP Planetary Imaging PreProcessor ). Here was my experience:

  1. The colour ‘Mars_150414_002445_OSC_F0001-0500.ser’ file wouldn’t preview or export regardless of the settings. Only with NO settings would it export the .ser file as whatever video format was specified in TVAI 3.1.4

  2. The B&W file ‘Jup_200415_204534_R_F0001-0300.ser’ absolutely worked flawlessly. I could apply any models and filters to it, and could preview and export it just fine.

NOTES: I don’t know the exact differences yet between the two .ser files that would create this behaviour where one would work and another would not, but I’ll try digging into it a bit more tonight if I have a little time. The good news it, TVAI can work with them, but clearly there are some formats of .ser files that DO create problems.

Mars .ser file would not work at all:

Jupiter .ser files worked great!:

@david.weiller I think I found a solution, at least for the file that wouldn’t process for me.

SOLUTION: Re-save the .ser file as a new .ser file using SER-Player.