Aspectio Ratio question when upscaling in Video Enhance AI

Hello everybody, I have a question about aspect ratios when upscaling in Topaz Video Enhance AI. In the Quicktime Movie Inspector, my video file (a WW2 newsreel) resolution confusingly says “720x480 (640x480)”. But when upscaling in Video Enhance AI with Gaia HQ, I set as my destination resolution 1920x1440 since I figured that all vintage newsreels have a 4:3 aspect ratio. Should I have selected instead 1920x1280? Since 720x480 is actually 3/2 aspect ratio rather than 4/3. My confusion is due to Quicktime’s double set of resolution numbers in the Inspector Window. I’m not sure which aspect ratio I should be using (4/3 or 3/2) for upscaling. Thanks very much in advance for your help and feedback.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 8.13.13 AM

Just select output size 1920 x 1080 first and then have a look on the white frame. If the frame does not match the video image, select output size “custom” and adjust the height of the frame until the white frame matches your video perfectly. :slight_smile:

QT is showing you the number of non-square pixels (720) and the number of pixels as displayed in square pixels (646). It’s a strange idea at first, but there is plenty of info to be found via google.
– Sheldon.