As many Shortcuts as possible

Hi I started using Denoise/Sharpen for a week now. While I like the feature itself, its UI/UX seem have a room to improve. First of all, I am sorry if there are already shortcuts for the functions I am mentioning here. Please somebody let me know.
Particularly, I am using on Windows 10 laptop with a touchpad.

That means, without a proper mouse access, it would be nice to have most of the functions using a keyboard.
Here are some suggestions.

  • When there are multiple files, move between files using arrows(up/down).
  • When “Auto-update preview” is turned off, have a keyboard shortcut to run “Update” (instead of clicking the button)
  • That optional panel could be navigated using arrows(up/down/left/right) when the panel is highlighted. Or at least, it would be nice to have dedicated shortcuts for the main options(Denoise AI / AI Clear / Low Light).
  • Other functions could have shortcuts as well.

Basically, if you have someone testing using the products only on a laptop with a small touchpad mouse, you will see shortcuts will help the process tremendously.

Thank you for reading.

I Agree