Artifacts on Photo AI 1.2.3

I’m experiencing very strange artifacts on denoising/sharpening (auto mode) on my Nikon 7500 pictures.

Most of them are stripes, sometimes blocks.

Screenshot and system profile attached.

With kind regards
2023-02-25-10-48-31.tzlog (104.9 KB)
DxDiag.txt (99.0 KB)

Hey Michal,

I appreciate your patience on my reply. This looks like a known artifact with the Raw Remove Noise Normal model.

Please upload 2-3 of the files with this issue to my Dropbox here so I can reproduce the issue.
Dropbox File Request

We will retrain the model to prevent this behavior and fix this issue soon.

In the meanwhile, you can decrease the Remove Noise strength setting or switch to the Strong model.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

I’ve uploaded three files that produce artifacts (even worse). The issue appears also with TIFF files (I processed NEFs in my Zoner Photo Studio, saved them as TIFs), loaded to Photo AI, but failed.
I tried Topaz DeNoise (recent version) and ran into same kind a problem.

Will test the Strong model with lower strength.

with kind regards

P.S: I got disappointed with lack of answers from your side. Please consider to answer sooner (event with no solution) - that prevents your visibility as inattentive.