Artifacts appear when using Recover Faces

Currently on v1.3.0 - problem existed prior to stepping up.
When applying Recover Faces to an image, artifacts appear in an area surrounding the face. This is very noticeable in dark areas.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Work with an image that has dark area in close proximity to the face.
  2. Turn on Recover Faces.
  3. Observe artifacts.

In the attached photo, TopazPhotoAI_RecoverFacesArtifacts.jpg, observe the subject’s shirt, just to the lower left of her face. (Note that, due to privacy issues, I only included a small portion of the full image.)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.0] on Windows 10 (all current updates applied)
2023-04-14-18-24-1.tzlog (661.4 KB)
DxDiag_20230414.txt (104.8 KB)

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This is a known issue at the moment with images that are low quality. Face recovery is fixing the face but there is a sharp border with the rest of the image.

The face recovery is built to work on only the face and part of the neck as the model was not made to fix the rest of the body or the rest of the image. It is a known issue that the boundary is sharp as we are not feathering the face with the rest of the body.

We are working on ways to improve this behavior so that the change in quality is less drastic.

For now I would recommend decreasing the face recovery strength so the face is blended with the rest of the image better.

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