Artemis Strong Dehalo needs to be updated (Background Pattern bug)

I dont think im the first one to notice the side artifacts of the Artemis Strong Dehalo model, yes it removes the halos and still retains a sharp image, but there is also one specific thing that I dont like about the image after processing, and that is the background, the background of the video seems to get some weird pattern, I dont know if its the model messing up tryna remove some halo off of the compression blocks but I think Topaz gotta look into this

I like the Artemis Strong Dehalo model where I can reduce the halos on VHS footage but I dont want the ugly patterned background

Heres the pattern I keep noticing (btw most of the time it moves too due to some motion compensated stuff going on, making it even more noticable):

Patterning is an issue with a lot of TVAI models. If enhancement is set too high, random fields like gravel or grainy backgrounds get “resolved” into patterns like crosshatches, dot matrices or vague but recognizable polka dots. You can usually eliminate these by turning down the enhancements, but for models like the Artemis Dehalos that have no strength settings, the only thing you can try is adding noise to the source.