Artefacts of different shapes and sizes appearing after applying DeNoise

This may have been raised elsewhere but nothing came up in a quick search.

I have rectangular and horizontal linear artefacts of various sizes appearing after I have applied DeNoise, but it’s not consistent. I export the selected file from Lightroom (Classic 12.2) to DeNoise (3.7.0). When I am happy with the edits, the file is saved back into Lightroom. When the image file is displayed there will often be a shape appearing in the background (a square, a line, a rectangle). As I mentioned, this not happening with every picture I process through DeNoise, but when it does occur it does not appear that the picture background is the problem as this has occurred across different backgrounds. When I reprocess the photo again, then there is a high chance that the photo contains an artefact of a different shape. Some photos I’ve had to process 3-4 times before they were ‘clean’. Just one example attached below

You don’t appear to be alone DeNoise 3.7.0 - #169 by rinooow

A possible workaround was shared here: Strange Pixelated Artifacts Appearing in Denoise Processed Photos - #7 by DarkHorse_441

Thank you. I appreciate your reply.

I will look at the workaround, although I hope this will be addressed by the folks at Topaz Labs in upcoming releases. I have a heavy trigger finger and shoot way too many photos to have to include such workarounds in my workflow… :slight_smile:

How do you mean this? It’s 2 preference settings for AI processor and Memory usage you only have to change once and then gets applied to all subsequent photos.
Of course a fix would be preferable over a workaround, but I don’t see how this adds time to your workflow as it’s not something you have to do every time.

My bad. I misread the workaround details.

I have made the changes to the settings and selected Apple M1 Max as my AI processor.

Thanks again.