Art Images - An Enhancement Feature

What if - when processing images of art, such as oil paintings, sketches, or other traditional medium works, there was a tab that featured ‘Art Enhancements’.

To explain -
Do you want more detailed brush strokes and brush textures in your painting? (Yes)
Do you want to add paper or canvas texture to your works and be able to slide the opacity? (Yes)
Do you want to be able to enhance the lighting of your artworks as if they were in a real environment… Choosing the color and direction of the light to apply to a bump map of the paint textures in your artwork? (Yes)

OBSESSED with Photo AI - but it would be incredible if there was an additional subset of features for art and not just photography. Enhancing watercolor paintings, adding in brush stroke details with an opacity/mask feature. All are powered by AI, which analyzes the image and creates these overlays to bring traditional art to life and help elevate what has been created. It would be so, so awesome, truly.

And I know you freaking awesome humans at Topaz would knock something like this out of the park! It would really make Photo AI appeal to so many other users, and not just Photographers. Some people can’t paint digitally at 10k + resolutions. Being able to upscale, and add detail after the fact would give so many people incredible opportunities to take their art to the next level.

Please consider a more art-focused subset of features. Just like Face Recognition and De-Noise, it would perfectly fit on the right-hand tab, and Autopilot can do its thing once it notices it’s not photography. This would literally change my life. Adding detail in brush strokes particularly, would change the game, making the digital art feel more traditional and tactile.

It would be so, so sick! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:
PS. I love you.