Are we allowed to put the photo AI etc. upscaler on a server as part of a website/SaaS?

If so, how? List of links/tips? thx

Topaz Photo AI currently does not have an API.

The closest thing would be running it through a command line interface. However, this is not exactly what you are asking about it seems like. The command line interface will use your Preference > Autopilot settings.

For Windows, the commands in order are:
cd “C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Photo AI”
.\tpai.exe --help
.\tpai.exe “folder/or/file/path/here”

The commands for Mac are:
cd /Applications/Topaz\ Photo\
/Topaz\ Photo\ AI --help
/Topaz\ Photo\ AI “folder/or/file/path/here”