Are there Resolution options in A I Gigapixel

I am working with the trial version of A I Gigapixel and I tried to enlarge an image. There is no option for the Resolution pp/inch. The processed image had the correct Width/Height pixels but NO option for resolution. After processing I checked the resolution in CC2018 and it = 75 ppi . Is this feature hidden somewhere or does the program make the decision? If so, it will require resampling again in PS…

If you wish to change the PPI settings just switch off resampling in PS, PPI/DPI are irrelevant except for printing. In PS select Image Size, change the Resolution to what you want and then unclick Resample Image:

But it doesn’t matter as you can simply tell your printer what size you want.

OK. I know how to do it in Photoshop. So if I understand your answer correctly selecting resolution in A. I. Gigapixel is NOT an option. Is this correct? Thank you.

There is no option to resample by changing the resolution, it is irrelevant as the number of pixels is the relevant setting.

If you want an option to change the resolution setting in the EXIF raise a request in the Product Feature Request thread under Topaz Products.