Are There Any Improvements on The Way?

Still no change to the image clipping on this new forum configuration, can’t help but wonder if that is why there are so few posts containing images lately. Also, I have a beef about having to select a Category before I can select an image for upload when I used to be able to select an image and decide on the category and title while it was uploading. Not sure why this was introduced as it is something of an inconvenience and might be putting people off.

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If you remember that the old server (some time ago…) was ‘flushed’ of all the flotsam and jetsam posted! :slight_smile:

Perhaps there is not a priority for images posted; I think Topaz are looking for more technical input.

( … but that’s just me … ) :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time for them to nail their colours to the mast and tell us what they do want from this forum and, for that matter, what they expect from the Facebook forum. As it is the two are competing with each other with no clear definition of what each is about.

That they have upgraded this forum, however, suggests that they are happy to let it still be a showcase for images - all the image categories would point to that being the case. I’m trying to make suggestions here that support that.


They have 6,000+ members on the facebook page - which is really where TopazLabs are prioritizing their focus. Since they got social-media savvy, this portal is really only for technical feedback. Why spend so much time making one the “mirror-image” of the other I guess?!

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