Apps to remember size & location

I use multiple screens, and it would be great if on opening the app if it remembered where it was placed last time it was used. Most typically I use Gigapixel, Sharpen & DeNoise from within Lightroom and none of them open in the same location or even the same size as the last time they were opened.

Anyone in Topazland listening?

I think most people, on Windows 10 anyway, don’t experience this problem you have.

For me they do remember size and location on my Win 10 PC and open in the last used location.

You lucky Microsofties. I use a Mac.

You should report this at the main support website, there is a permalink at the top of this forum.

Is that not what I did when I first posted?

No, this is a user to user forum. There’s a pinned post at the top of this forum which tells you how to raise a support request on the main Topaz Labs website.