Apply multiple corrections in Sharpen AI

When applying both motion blur and out-of-focus corrections to one image. Is it generally best to start with motion blur or out-of-focus ?

Also, what is the best file type to save in after the first correction?


I’ve not applied 2 different corrections to the same image, never needed to. Motion blur in my case is generally due to old persons hand shake, and out of focus is where the focus for some reason wasn’t at the area in the image where it should have been.

I think I would opt to go for the one that provided the best initial result. As far as the best format to save, if I was using it freestanding I would save as TIFF.

I would guess 20% of my shots benefit at least slightly from a double dose. I usually do both focus-motion and motion-focus. Time consuming, that’s why I asked users, based on their experience, which order to use. Thanks,

p.s. occasionally the second run gives a worse result.

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