Apply Impression 2 Texture to ORIGINAL Image?

How do I apply a Topaz Impression 2 Texture to the original loaded Photoshop image?
I load the image to one of the presets, say Renoir, I click on Reset, but I cannot apply
any texture on the reset original image.
Thank you!


Reset all the settings, go down to Texture and add the Texture you like and adjust the strength and size as you want.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, AiDon.
I have already tried it. The reset button never
gives me the original image. It gives me the image
that it automatically loads when I first click “Impression 2”.
That image is carrying the result of a preset.
I just cannot get the original image by clicking the upper
right corner button.
I can only get it when I slide the “Opacity” down to zero
or when I click the “Original” button (the first button up on top on my screen).
Either way, I cannot use the “Texture”.
Thank you very much.


Can you please outline the exact steps you are taking. From opening the image in Photoshop.

ONE.jpg is the original image.
TWO.jpg is what I get when I click Impression 2.
THREE.jpg is what I get when I click Original on the Impression page.
That is the original image.
TWO.jpg is not the original image. You can see
the difference between TWO and THREE.
There is no way to get the original image via Reset.
Thank you again!


My apologies … try this by changing the top panel with all sliders to the left and all you will see is a blank white screen:

Then go to Texture and choose the Texture you want, change the Background Type to Original and adjust the Strength and Size to your taste.

It doesn’t work, AiDon. All I am doing, by following your suggestion,
is putting the texture on image TWO, which is not the original image.
Somehow, Impression 2 cannot show and work on the original image.
Thank you!


If you apply a preset, which is unnecessary, just make sure that the Lighting & Color panel sliders are set to 0.

You must change every slider in the top panel to the far left, then select Background Type as Original and you will get the original … Photoshop top Impression 2 bottom … then apply the texture you want:

I do not get the original, AiDon. I get the loaded image
(IMAGE TWO), which is not the original! Obviously, this
part of the program thinks that the original image
is the one that it shows as losded to start with.
I need to go out now. I will play with Impression (not Impression 2)
later on. If anything new comes up, I will let you know.
Thank you!!!


@friends1 Follow Don’s instructions but set the Background to Original at the bottom of the Texture settings. This will get the original picture to show. What is Impression 2? I only see Impression in Studio.

As I already have said many times, there is no way that I can get
the original image with any of these methods. This part
of the program does not know what the original image is.
Obviously, it is supposed to do what you guys are describing,
but it doesn’t. I already uploaded 3 full images where you
can see clearly what I mean.
Thank you.

topaz atha

Problem solved.
A1Don, I’ve just discovered that although the program
shows a different image, instead of the original one
line image TWO above, it actually performs the operation
of texturizing on the original image itself! We can see this when
we go back to photoshop after the texture change.
Thank you very much for your responses and interest.