'Apply' does not work for AI Clear in V1.12.6 (solved)

Creating a new base image by applying changes does not work for the ‘AI Clear’ adjustment in Topaz Studio V1.12.6, only ‘save’ and ‘save as’ does work.

AI Clear Settings:

Works OK on Windows 10 … you can see the thumbnail to the right is exactly the same as the original.

Open image in TS, add AI Clear adjustment (none HD preview):

Apply adjustment in TS looks softer:

Apply adjustment with HD preview looks a little better:

Exported TIF image, opened in TS, looks the same as the HD preview of the applied adjustments, not as sharp as the original adjustment:

Graphic card driver update solved this problem also: preview of ‘AI Clear’ was wrong with the old driver, the exported image and ‘apply changes’ was correct.

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