Apple M1 Ultra VS Intel I9 12900K 3090 - Shootout

Was able to pick up a Mac Studio Ultra have 1 more day before I probably will return it. But the results are surprising to say the least. All these are in 3.0.1

Both systems 64GB of memory

it looks like the windows PC is better with the smaller files, but as soon as we go into 4x of DV or enhancing 1080P to 4k the Mac ultra comes ahead by a few FPS. What’s weird is when I first did these tests before upgrading to Ventura, the PC was always ahead.

DV upscale 2x Artemis medium Pro Res HQ

Mac Ultra 14.7fps
3090 17.1fps

DV upscale 4x Artemis medium Pro Res HQ

Mac Ultra 5.5fps
3090 4.8fps

1080p to 4k h.265

Mac ultra 3.6fps
3090 3.0fps


Those numbers are interesting. I’ve been wanting to see the numbers for the M1 Ultra.